The Benefits of having an ATM in your Hotel

The Benefits of having an ATM in your Hotel

Gone are the days of tourists exchanging money before they go away, taking a mixture of cash and travelers cheques with them from their country to another. And from a personal safety and convenience point of view, the new way is much better – in most countries you can now just take cash out from an ATM. It means that there is no carrying around huge amounts of cash, or having to order unusual currencies.

ATM in HotelBecause of the availability and convenience of ATMs, people who are staying in hotels are now more than ever, relying ATMs to supply them with access to their bank accounts and therefore their money whilst they are away. Just like having to supply the internet, it is becoming an increasingly common expectation for hotels to have ATM access, and give their customers the opportunity to access their money when they want to.

Having an ATM inside your hotel can be beneficial for both the hotel owner and the guests.

The Benefits for your Guests

There are a number of benefits to having an ATM inside your hotel, for your guests.

  • Convenience – Probably the most important of all, it means that your guests can access their money at any time, as many times that they want – so they don’t need to carry around, or guard large amounts of money. This is both more convenient and better safety-wise.
  • Safety – By having an ATM inside your hotel, your guests won’t need to worry about undesirables hanging around near the cash point, finding a trustworthy machine, or walking the street. They can take out their money in the safety of their hotel, with their minds at rest that they are in a secure environment.
  • Exchange Rates – Most cash machines will offer a better exchange rate for tourists than currency exchange agents, so they will be financially better off.

The Benefits for You

In addition to you having happier hotel guests, there are a number of benefits to you as a hotel owner, to having an ATM in your hotel.

  • Money spent in your hotel – Research shows that about 80% the money which is taken out from an ATM is spent in the same place. It might be to pay for a room or service, but could also be in your bar or restaurant.
  • Cash Flow – Having an ATM inside your hotel makes people more likely to pay for everything in cash, as opposed to by card. This means that your cash flow is better, and they will be more likely to buy smaller items.
  • Earn Money – You are able to set your charges to mean that you can take a percentage of each amount that s charged.
  • Easy – It is easy to set up and maintain with Cash to Go.

When it comes to deciding whether to get a cash machine for your hotel it really is a no brainer. There are benefits for all parties, and it allows to you make a little extra money as well.

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  1. Derek Mcdoogle

    My cousin is wanting to open a motel in his town and is trying to find out what different things he should have. You mentioned that probably the most important benefit of having an ATM, it means that your guests can access their money at any time, as many times that they want. Do most hotels have ATM machines available? It seems that this could be beneficial for him.

    1. Donna Michola

      I am sorry for the delayed response. Yes, most do have an ATM. The potential income factors on location as well as room count. You can call me at 256-226-0587
      Yours Truly,
      Donna Michola

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