Why should your business have a
permanent ATM on location?

Research shows us that almost 80% of money withdrawn from an onsite ATM is actually spent in the business in which the ATM is placed.

More and more people are tired of the processing fees associated with purchasing with credit cards. Onsite ATM’s give the potential buyer access to their money on the spot. Not to mention some businesses do not accept credit card payments and rely strictly on cash transactions.

We provide customer service 7 days a week and remotely monitor your ATM machine to make sure your customers always have access to cash flow. And finally, from the businesses perspective, cash transactions eliminate disputes, charge backs, credit card interest AND bad checks. Contact us today! 

Why Use an ATM?

  • Generates cash flow to your festival
  • Many vendors only accept cash!
  • Many attendees only have credit cards on hand
  • Conveniently located at the festival site
  • Profit-sharing options available
  • Our ATM machines are brand new
  • ATM branding and ATM sponsorship options are available

ATM Features

  • Large 7in LCD display for easy reading
  • Upgraded double capacity cassette decreases ATM downtime
  • Optional 15ft ATM sign for greater visibility
  • Can be powered by a standard generator
  • Uses a 110v outlet