For those in the hotel industry, the key to success is providing an excellent service to customers. Services like free Wi-Fi and room service are the norm now for most hotels in this country because they make guest’s lives easier and offer a better experience for them.

Installing an ATM in your hotel is another way to improve the experience for your guests. And not only for your guests – it can also make things a lot better for you too.

atm for hotel quote

For your hotel guests…

By installing an ATM inside your hotel you are giving your guests two things; choice and security.

  • While some people prefer to pay by card, there are some people who prefer to pay in cash. By installing an ATM in your hotel, you can make it easier for your customers to pay by cash if they wish.
  • Your customers won’t need to leave the hotel to take out money – whether they were planning on spending it inside your hotel, or not. They will feel much more secure taking money out of an ATM whilst inside your hotel, as opposed to on the street – especially if they are in a place that they are not familiar with.

For you and your hotel…

There are also a number of benefits for you to have an ATM inside your hotel and to have your guests use it.

  • The more that people pay with cash, the less credit card fees that you will have to pay, and you will get your money instantly, as well as helping your cash flow.
  • If people have cash in their pocket, the more likely they are to buy little things like snacks, sundries or a quick drink in the bar.
  • Research shows that 80% the money taken out at an ATM is spent in the same building. This may not be so prominent in a hotel rather than a shop, but it is still a substantial amount.
  • You will make commission on the money that they take out
  • By making money available to your guests, they may be more likely to stay in the hotel and spend their money there – in your restaurant and bar for example.

Hire or Buy an ATM with Cash to Go

Here at Cash to Go Orlando we offer state of the art ATMs for both purchase or hire.  It will be designed to fit in with your interior design, and we offer different packages according to what you want. You can choose our full service which includes installing, monitoring, repairing, re-filling, and you still get a generous commission, our partnership programm where more of the work is done by you, but you earn more, or to purchase your ATM, and with our help at start up and on-going assistance you will receive a nice side revenue stream.

The choice of whether to install an ATM inside your hotel is really a no-brainer when you think of the service that you can provide to your guests, and how much easier it can make your life as a hotel manager or owner. If you are interested in getting an ATM for your business, or for more information, get in touch with us at Cash to Go, today. Click here to contact us!