Most of our customers opt to rent an ATM
because we offer a full turnkey system.

When you rent an ATM, you never have to worry about:  long term commitments, repairs, cash loading, training fees, and having someone overall to oversee the ATM. Renting an ATM requires a very small upfront investment as opposed to spending big dollars upfront. Most importantly if the ATM is not a good fit for you, renting means you can return the machine without obligation.

Remember if you choose to buy at ATM outright, your business is responsible for all things ATM related.  So why decide to own instead of rent? If your business is looking to have full control of how the ATM is operated then ownership maybe a better fit for you. When you own, you decide there it goes, how often it’s restocked and how much to charge per transaction. You will also find that you will save money over the long term by actually buying your ATM outright.


Why Use an ATM?

  • Generates cash flow to your festival
  • Many vendors only accept cash!
  • Many attendees only have credit cards on hand
  • Conveniently located at the festival site
  • Profit-sharing options available
  • Our ATM machines are brand new
  • ATM branding and ATM sponsorship options are available

ATM Features

  • Large 7in LCD display for easy reading
  • Upgraded double capacity cassette decreases ATM downtime
  • Optional 15ft ATM sign for greater visibility
  • Can be powered by a standard generator
  • Uses a 110v outlet