ATM Rental Preparation Tips

How do I Prepare for Renting an ATM at my Event?

If you’re running an event where you are hoping that people will be spending money, having an ATM can be a really valuable asset. It means that vendors can forget about credit card machines and all of the costs that come with them, and potential buyers don’t have the excuse of not having enough cash on them.

According to research, an average of 80% of the money that is taken from an event ATM is spent at the actual event, and it can generate and boost cash flow, so it is definitely worthwhile having one – especially for vendors.

Preparing for an ATM

So now that you’ve decided that you want an ATM at your event and found accompany to hire one for you, what do you need, to prepare?

  • Location – You need to think carefully about where you are going to put your ATM. Obviously you need to have space for the machine, but also think about queuing and security. You might get long queues and you don’t want this to get in the way of vendors or other attractions. You also should be making sure that you put the ATM somewhere where people will be and feel secure to take money out.
  • Power – You should ideally have your ATM near to an 110V power source, but there should also be the option of its own generator in case you can’t find a perfect spot near any energy source, hence giving your more flexibility.
  • Advertising – You should think about how you are going to advertise the fact that you have an ATM to serve your event’s guests. If you have maps, it is useful to add the ATM to the map, and the ATM hirer should also provide you with a larger sign to make it easier to find your machine if you require it.

What Else should You Know?

When you get an ATM rental from a company such as Cash to Go for your event, you don’t just get the machine, you also get fitting and service maintenance and support. The services that they will provide for you include:

  • Delivery and Removal – The company will deliver and remove your ATM to and from your site by their professional ATM staff.
  • Remote Monitoring – The Company can remotely monitor a number of factors about your ATM – they can tell when it will need to be re-filled – from a remote location, meaning that your ATM will never run dry and your guests will never be unable to take out their money.

Having an ATM at your event is a great way to keep your guests and potential customers happy, as well as on-site vendors. It is easy to organise through a good company, and the best companies, such as Cash for You will offer you a machine for free, and still offer to you a range of help and services.

If you think that your event could benefit from a ATM, why not get in touch with Cash to Go for more details?