Ensuring that your ATM is always stocked with cash can bring stress, be time consuming and actually, be a bigger job than you thought it would be – especially if your ATM is well used. And if it’s not stocked up with cash, there’s no point in having it, right?

Here at Cash to Go we can help you with all of your ATM processing and vault cash fulfilment needs taking the stress and responsibility away from you, freeing up your time and head space to concentrate on the important thing – running your business.

The importance of having a fully stocked ATM

Having an ATM at your business can make a real difference in both how much people spend, and also the payment method that they use.  It is often the case that people spend at least a little of the money that they took out of an ATM which is inside the premises of a business, inside the business.

It is also true that a lot of people get put off if a trader doesn’t offer to take payment by credit card – so by having an ATM inside your premises you can scoop up those previously lost customers by giving them access to their money, and drive your business to more success.

Another important factor is that the more people pay you in cash, the better your cash flow – which is good for everyone!

All of these are only benefits, however, if your ATM is always fully stocked. And if it is often understocked, some people will give up using your ATM and go somewhere else entirely.

What is involved in the stocking of my ATM?

Your ATM needs to be fully stocked with both money and paper. Missing one of these can be at best, annoying, and at worst, disastrous.

Here at Cash to Go we can take care of all of your ATM ‘stocking’ needs. Whether you have bought your machine, or you are short or long term renting it from us, we can ensure that you are never left without cash or paper. Our remote monitoring system allows us to see exactly what you need, when enabling us to make sure that your ATM is always read for action.

All of our ATMs have a turnkey system, meaning that you never need to worry about cash.

Cash to Go ATMs

The ATMs that we have to rent are all of the best quality that you can find. They have a large 7” LCD screen which makes them easy to read, and can be powered by a standard generator.  We ensure that they are all in top working condition, and can really make a difference to your event or business.

By letting us take the strain of keeping your ATM fully stocked and fulfil any necessities – whether you own or are renting your machine, you can take the strain of making sure that people spend the money that they have.  The perfect result for you and your business!

If you are interested in finding out more about our vault cash service, get in touch with us today!