ATMs for Hotels: How They Benefit the Business and the Guest

ATM access has steadily increased as consumers have shown a desire to have the ability to obtain cash 24-hours a day. As more retailers refuse to accept checks and set minimum amounts that can be applied to debit or credit cards, there is an increasing need to consistently have cash. There are many reasons why a business owner should want an ATM at their location, and hotel ATMs are becoming one of the newest trends.

Benefits for Clients

  • The ATM is in a secure location, so the guest does not travel through an unfamiliar city to get cash.
  • Onsite automated teller machines for hotels give guests fast access to their money, 24-hours a day.
  • They are free from the worry of stolen credit card numbers or trying to keep track of their receipts.
  • They will save money because there will not be a transaction fee every time they make a purchase.

Benefits for Hotels

  • Studies show that approximately 80 percent of money withdrawn from an ATM is spent at the same location.
  • ATMs for resorts reduce the risk that people will leave to get cash, and decide to dine, shop, or find entertainment while they are out rather than back at the resort.
  • ATMs for Hotels reduce business costs. There are no chargebacks, credit card fees, or bad checks when people use cash.
  • Hotels that install ATMs earn a commission whenever a guest uses the machine.
  • When people have cash in their pockets they are more likely to purchase small items. This will increase spending in vending machines, at the gift shop, or in the bar.
  • ATM rentals for hotels are an extra amenity that the hotel can advertise to encourage more people to stay at their location.

ATMs for Hotels are attractively designed to fit with the decor. The machines require no extra time, knowledge or effort on the part of the hotel unless they choose to maintain and manage it themselves. If they would prefer not to, it can be done as part of the service from the company providing the ATM. This includes repairing, filling, and monitoring its usage. It is a valuable service for all guests and is a profitable option for hotels and resorts. An ATM can be installed quickly, and the machines are available to purchase or rent.