No matter what kind of event you are planning, you will almost certainly have something that requires your visitors paying money. It may be for food and drink, merchandise, services or something else. By having an ATM at your event, you have the opportunity to make the whole occasion more profitable for you and your vendors. You will give potential consumers a higher degree of payment method flexibility and it will be you and your vendors as well as your customers who reap the rewards.

event atm rental

Spending More Money

Research shows the 80% of the money taken from event vending machines is spent actually inside the event. By giving people easy access to their money, they are more likely to spend it, meaning that the event will be more profitable for both you and your vendors.

Fewer Credit Card Payments

Giving people access to cash from their accounts has a number of benefits for you and your vendors. Obviously there will still be people who want to make payments with a card, but this will be far fewer than if you had no ATM at your event. Some of the benefits of taking cash payments over credit card payments include:

  • No need for vendors to have card machines – meaning that it is easier to process payments for them. A lot of the only work in cash anyway.
  • No need for you or vendors to pay credit card processing fees.
  • The money is automatically in the pocket of you and your vendors without having to wait for processing time.

Improved Cash Flow

By encouraging people to make payments in cash, the entire cash flow at the event is improved, meaning that the money is circulating, which is a good thing for everyone.

No Loss for Buyers

As the majority of the cash which has been taken out is spent at the event, it makes little difference to the consumer whether they pay by card, or whether they take out case and then hand it over. There are less potential problems with issues such as credit card machine problems, card fraud or the continual taking out and putting back your card. Spending cash also gives consumers a better idea and control over what they are spending on.

What we can do for you

Here at Cash to Go we can offer you a full service for everything that you will need with your ATM. We will supply, deliver, set up and provide technical support for your wireless mobile ATM.  We can also use our remote monitoring service to check and maintain the cash inside your ATM, keep everything topped up and, of course, will remove it at the end of your event.

If you are planning an event, especially where you are hoping that people will be spending money, it is well worth considering getting an ATM. The low maintenance, low cost, and low labor will be worth the financial gain for both you and your vendors, and can make everything a whole lot easier for your event attendees.

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